Marine Oil


Marine Oil – Top-Grade Performance

Marine oil falls under the category of high-performance synthetic lubricants that provide top-notch protection under severe marine conditions. Calx Global Petroleum uses the best components to formulate all products as consistent quality of marine oil is the ultimate aim we strive to achieve.

Synthetic oils have an edge over conventional mineral oils because:

·         Oil and equipment life is longer due to exceptionally high film strengthening that protects better against wear and tear.

·         Overall consumption of oil is less, so quantity of used oil to dispose of is reduced significantly.

·         Synthetic oils are extremely energy efficient.

Some of the advantages of marine oil supplied by Calx Global Petroleum:

·         It is highly resistant to oxidation.

·         It provides advanced protection against rust and corrosion. Enhanced solvency prevents engine deposits from accumulating, thus keeping the engines clean.

·         It has low-temperature flow properties with high-temperature capability as well.

·         It doesn’t harm the environment because it is biodegradable and less toxic.

·         Fuel economy and performance is greatly increased as it maximizes torque and horsepower.

Marine oil manufactured in our laboratories is subjected to complex tests to ensure the product matches the preset standards of the lubricant industry, and only then is it declared to be ready for sale

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