Detection System

  • Cargo and Vehicle Inspection

Making effective high-throughput screening possible, our systems scan cars, trucks, vans, and their cargo to reveal explosives, drugs, alcohol, and other contraband.

This compact drive-through system utilizes high-energy transmission X-rays—capable of penetrating up to 300 mm (11.8 in) of steel—to detect hidden threats and contraband in cargo containers, tankers, and large vehicles. The Sentry Portal system scans containers at a rate of up to 150 trucks per hour.
The vehicle inspection configurations is made for scanning cars, vans, small trucks, and their cargo. Its imaging provides photo-like images from the top and sides simultaneously—and quickly highlights organic threats and contraband, such as stowaways, explosives, currency, drugs, and alcohol. The vehicle inspection system is as efficient as it is thorough: This high-throughput screening gateway can scan 120 passenger vehicles every hour, which makes it ideally suited for high-traffic locations. Its imaging is inherently safe, allowing passengers to remain in their vehicles during inspection.

  • Parcel and Baggage Inspection

X Ray Baggage Scanner is based on use-friendly design with ergonomic operator control panel and adjustable control panel stand .It is easy to installation and maintenance, innovative and cost effective solutions for a multitude of high-profile security screening environments. Our support team can craft a perfectly tailored solution for your operation.at5030-2c_

  • Walk-Through Metal Detector  

Walk Through Metal Detector can easily detect weapons, such as knife and gun, and any metal article which is hidden in human body.Advanced broadband detection technology can detect ferrous and Non-ferrous articles. Sensitivity adjustable from level 0 to 99.


  •  Perimeter Access Control

Perimeter Access Control often forms the first link in the chain of security measures. The product line Perimeter Access Control is specialized in perimeter security for vehicles for e.g. parking facilities. The mostly self-developed products consist of: Speed gates and Speed doors with a possibility of Bullet Resistant, Road blockers, Arm Barriers, Bollards and peripheral equipment and also specific ground demarcation for defense objects.

  • Hand-held Metal Detector

Hand-held Metal Detector can easily detect weapons, such as knife and gun, and any  metal articles which are hidden in human body. It will alarm or vibrate when it detects the metal objects. Good at anti-shock, no broken if drop  to the ground.



  • Under Vehicle Inspection System

Under Vehicle Inspection System is the solution that provides Security in response to the growing need for systems under vehicle inspection. The system has as main objective to provide private institutions and / or government of a powerful inspection tool that allows the detection of potential threats to the security of its facilities. These threats range from weapons, drugs and explosives packages, to any other foreign objects to the vehicle undercarriage.

  • Metal Detector

Ground Searching Metal Detector adopt advanced technique and attached high quality components.


  • Explosive Trace Detector

Explosive Trace Detector can detect black powder and all explosives which are prohibited by ICAO. We adopt PIMS technology (Photo ionization Ion Mobility Spectrometry), which is free of radiation  hazards.