Indoor & Outdoor Video Surveillance Equipment

We  provide state-of-the-art and special featured products out-surpassing the rest of competitor.

our partner has been devoted to the integration of cutting-edge technology with keen perception of market demand, replying on its strong technical strength and years of experience to successfully created a line of smart products.

Our image-intensify series including video enhancement box (with Smart De-Mist, DWDR, Smart 2D/3D Digital Noise Reduction, Smart ACE), video enhancement cameras (in addition with fisheye correction, wide-angle), along with mobile DVR, HD DVR, IP camera and NVR have been widely used in public security, transportation, banking sector, energy, communication, and especially superb for outdoor use.

  • IP & Analog  Camera

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  • DVR & NVR

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  •  Smarter Beam

Smarter Beam is a motion detector designed for outdoor perimeter protection which uses reliable passive infrared security beams to detect intrusions.


  • Remote Sensor & Video Platform

Remote Sensor & Video Platform that can be moved anywhere and provide outdoor surveillance to be viewed remotely in less than 30 minutes.

RSVP (Remote Sensor & Video Platform) is used to help secure temporary or remote locations. It can be configured with a multitude of sensors, such as cameras for day and night surveillance, a robust DVR with local and remote management capabilities, and cellular, satellite, or other communication systems for connectivity to live or recorded video. Housed on an easily-moved platform for rapid deployment virtually anywhere, ReconaSense RSVP is powered by a choice of propane generators that quietly provide up to 30 days of uninterrupted power.