Engine OIL

Blend SAE 5W-30

Purchasing The Best Engine Oils from CALX Petroleum


At CALX Petroleum, we have a simple objective in mind – to help you succeed. Just as you place importance on customers being your No.1 priority, we want to ensure that you too are satisfied with what we have to offer you.


Importance of Car Engine Oil


With the petroleum industry expanding and reaching new heights every year, it is important to keep up. You need to envision your business in the long run and act accordingly. The demand for engine oil continue to shoot up and what you sell to clients reflects on your company and image, which means there can’t be compromise on the quality of the different types of engine oil.


Quality Control of Engine Oils


We are proud to have a team of qualified technicians who have many years of experience under their belt. All products are subjected to a multitude of rigorous tests and only after they meet certain criteria do we deem a product ready for use. We take quality control of all the engine oils types extremely seriously so that you trust us to do continued business with you.


The Best Engine Oil Brand


We always focus on providing the best engine oil that will be beneficial to your business. Both brands listed on our website – Everest and Golden Stallion (certified by the American Petroleum Institute) comprise top of the line products that have met the preset standards and continue to perform consistently.