Wheel Mounting Compound WM-10™

CALX WM-10 Product Data Sheet

CALX WM-10 Safety Data Sheet

WM-10TM is an extreme-pressure compound for press fitting and mounting steel railroad wheels to their axles. WM-10TM contains  Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for improved lubricity. This enormously improves the ease of mounting and reduces alignment problems. WM-10TM polishes, seals and protects the metal surfaces for improved wheel-to-axle fitting.

WM-10TM is the safe alternative currently being used in the industry as a direct replacement for linseed or lead wheel mounting compounds. WM-10TM is neat and easy to apply, so you can avoid the mess and fire and toxicity hazards of other compounds. Additionally, its unique purple color provides easy identification on the surfaces of the axle and wheel.


  • Mounting steel rail car wheels to their axles


  • AAR approved
  • Improves wheel-to-axle fitting
  • Reduces alignment problems
  • Reduces chatter & noise
  • Protects from friction, heat & wear
  • Safer than linseed oil & lead compounds
  • Will not spontaneously combust
  • Easy to apply
  • Visible after application