Traction Motor Gear Case Additive TM-10™

CALX TM10 Product Data Sheet

CALX TM-10 Safety Data Sheet

TM-10TM is maximum-duty, metal-conditioning lubricant for adding to traction motor gear cases that need extra protection from extreme pressure. TM-10TM increases gear service life while cooling the overall system.TM-10TM polishes, seals and protects the gear metal from wear and damage caused by extreme pressure and friction-related heat. TM-10TM contains  Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for superior lubrication.


  • Traction motor gear cases – TM-10TM is added to the existing gear lube


  • Extends gear system life
  • Protects gears from wear & damage
  • Reduces operating temperatures
  • Reduces downtime & maintenance
  • Protects from friction, heat & wear
  • Protects against premature gear failure
  • Provides constant & maximum lubrication to all gearing
  • Non-corrosive
  • Contains no solid lubricants, chlorinated solvents or phosphate compounds